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Dewberry Ministries International was incorporated in 1979 to be the covering organization for the world-wide ministry of Dr. Harold Dewberry and his associates. A foundation of the vision of  Dewberry Ministries International (DMI) was to establish and conduct training schools for pastoral care and counseling.  The training schools would also operate residential care facilities in order to offer on-hand training for counselors, as well as integrating into the program a limited number of persons needing in-depth care and counsel. 

The first Institute of Pastoral Care and Counseling  (IPCC)  with residential program homes was in operation from 1980 through 2002 and was highly successful. Through the training and preparation of DMI, several hundred persons have been ordained or have received certificates of ministry from En Agape Christian Fellowship where Dr. Dewberry is the Senior Pastor.  These ministers are serving throughout the United States, and internationally in Kenya, England, Holland, Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and India. Since 1980 over 100,000 counseling sessions have been conducted with referrals coming from twenty different nations, hospitals and medical professionals, churches, ministries, and private individuals. Seminars and conferences have been conducted  globally.  

Currently the short term goals of DMI are to convert and redistribute materials into electronic formats (mp3, mp4, E-Book). We are excitedly working on some Kindle E-Books now, and hope to have many of the titles that you are all familiar with re-edited and released with some minor additions onto the Amazon Kindle store by year end, 2018. If you would like to financially support these efforts, please navigate to the "donate" page above.

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