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Born in 1985, Anthony is the third son of Dr. Harold Dewberry and the youngest child out of four. Being mentored by his father from the time he could speak, Anthony has gained a very robust understanding of the key concepts and theology that always made Dr. Dewberry's wisdom and knowledge unique and refreshingly more deep than his peers. Anthony began his ministry career as the youth pastor for Dr. Dewberry's church, En Agape Christian Fellowship, at the age of 15. After serving in the youth ministry for three years, Anthony decided to serve as an itinerant speaker generally supporting Dr. Dewberry in his travels with Dewberry Ministries.

In 2015 Anthony began teaching full time in March of 2015 as Dr. Dewberry fell ill with Lymphoma. When Dr. Dewberry passed away, Anthony took over as Senior Pastor of En Agape and President of Dewberry Ministries International to continue the ministry and to further the message and build upon the foundation originally laid by Dr. Dewberry. Currently focusing on local ministry through En Agape, Ps. Anthony is looking forward to updating old materials and producing new resources for DMI to increase the reach of the ministry. 


Pastor Anthony is married to Krystle, who is an integral part of both Dewberry Ministries and En Agape. This year they will be celebrating 8 years of marriage together and have one son.

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